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A carved Jade bowl that sits on top of a bronze stand with small men holding up the base. From the Scholar's Desk Pieces Series in the Stella O.H. Lee Jade Collection. Collected in Datong, China between 1982 and 2011.

A dark-green, jade carving in a flat circular shape. The design is a scholar and a fish in the Lingzhi style. Collected in Shanghai, China between 1982 and 2011.

A white jade Buddha carved in a sitting position with hands on knees and a halo above his head and shoulders. There is a small drill hole in the halo, likely for stringing to make into a necklace or hanging pendant. Back is flat. Collected in…

A rounded, bead-like object made of an orange and brown jadeite. Perfect cylinder with a hole in the center. Collected in Tianjin, China.

Carved jadeite piece with a chop block as the base and a Foo Dog on top. From the 20th century and collected by Dr. Timothy Choy in Honolulu Hawai'i sometime between 1982 and 2011.

A flat, rounded jade object carved with an intricate flower and bamboo pattern that gives the appearance of lace. Collected in Shanghai, China between 1982 and 2011.

an elongated rabbit in a lying position with head and butt pointing up. Carved in jade and collected in Tiajin, China by Dr. Timothy Choy.

Small "snuff bottle" carved from jade with intricate pattern on either side. Part of the Scholar's Desk Items series in the Stella O.H. Lee Jade Collection. Collected in Honolulu, Hawai'i.

A small jade object carved with a frog sitting flat on a billowing leaf. Donated by Dr. Timothy Choy in honor of his aunt, Stella O.H. Lee. Collected in Honolulu, Hawai'i.

A ceramic reticulated piece designed and carved by Diane Che Koch Wesser with the pot thrown by Davenn Hee.