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  • Tags: Eighteen Luohans

An Immortal at the foot of a pine tree, attended by a servant with a ru-i scepter. Since he holds a pot from which curls the smoke of magic incense, he may be Li Tie-guai, legendary pupil of Lao Tze and Patron of Magic. The Immortal is summoning at…

An Immortal seated in an attitude of royal ease, looking rearward over his right shoulder at a female immortal (perhaps He Xian-gu, Patroness of Housewives) hurrying leftward, her hands over her face, clutching a fly-whisk, under a group of trees

Imperial figure (perhaps Cao Guo-qui, relative of a 10th century Emperor and patron of actors) rising from the waves to extend his ru-i scepter toward another Immortal seated on a mossy knoll. The ocean-borne Immortal is followed by three attendants,…

Four Immortals crossing a stretch of stormy ocean. Two ride on a shark, one rides on a cow like monster, and the fourth rides on a white horse preceded by two demon attendants (one holding a ru-i, psychedelic fungus, scepter).

Representation of Immortal (perhaps Zhong Kui, the Demon Queller) riding in a sedan chair borne by four demons whom he has subdued. Ahead of him to the left a warrior with drawn sword (perhaps Zhong-li Chuan, Master of Change) lurks behind a shrub.

Xian Nong reclining at the foot of a pine tree on a mountain knoll.

This is an 18th Century Qing Dynasty scroll that depicts seven scenes that read from right to left. Scene one: A four-clawed blue dragon rising from a stormy sea in the midst of terrified fishermen. Such a dragon is conceived as one of the vehicles…