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  • Collection: Boxer, Pacific's Mascot

A soundless video recording of a fight over the "Boxer" mascot of Pacific University in 1968. In the fight, also known as a "Boxer Toss," several teams of male students brawl over possession of the mascot, which was a bronze Chinese statue. It was…

A note written to Chris from Rick Read regarding the arrival of the Boxer mascot. The last arrival on campus the Boxer mascot had was in 1898, is the best guess Rick Read has.

The Boxer mascot was constantly being taken from Pacific University and returned at various times through the history of Pacific University. This document has a list of dates that the Boxer mascot arrived back onto Pacific University campus.

This handwritten document is a summary of the different locations and dates that the Boxer mascot was seen on campus. There are accounts of students seeing the Boxer on campus at different times throughout the years.

The Boxer mascot was originally purchased by a Pacific University graduate who bought it from a Chinese family. The graduate described the Boxer as looking like a dog, but actually it is a mythical creature that is part dragon, lion, dog and deer. A…

This is a document that has each article that the Boxer mascot appeared in. The articles range from Pacific's Index to a feature in the Oregonian.

This is a letter that was sent out to graduates from Pacific University regarding the missing Boxer mascot. The Boxer was last seen in Forest Grove in 1972. The letter is to urge the alumni to send the Boxer back if they have it or give information…

A detailed document handwritten listing the known whereabouts of the Boxer Mascot. With the "Boxer Tosses" occurring without any warning, the whereabouts of the Boxer were hard to keep track of as he disappeared for months and years at a time. This…

This document is a handwritten guide to help someone who finds or is looking for the Boxer mascot. The Boxer was last seen in 1972, with unknown whereabouts till the time this letter was written in 1976. The document has information regarding who had…